1.11.2021 Warloghe, Bloodhammer, Stabat Mater, Exordium

1.11. comes out NH-111. Long awaited third album of WARLOGHE! In same batch follows new BLOODHAMMER mCD, new STABAT MATER full lenght and first time on compact disc, repress of EXORDIUM “Nihil Inri” ep + live tape as bonus. Vinyl editions of some of these will come sometime 2022. It will take unusually long time. No digital downloads or streams at this point. Only compact disc.

NH-111 WARLOGHE ”Three Angled Void” CD
2021, third album of Warloghe! Long awaited return of unholy Black Metal!

WARLOGHE was among very early signings of Northern Heritage. Band enjoyed cult reputation right after “The Black Tower” (demo 1996) and “Unlighted” (7″ 1997). Debut album came out on Drakkar and End All Life 1999. Around that time Warloghe was signed for NH for 12″mLP. It was advertised in old flyers to be NH-008. It never happened and catalogue number was given to other release. One song of the cancelled 12″ep was released as bonus track of “Womb Of Pestilence” LP 1st press on Illuminating Void Productions.After Warloghe bootlegs started to emerge, Northern Heritage released official represses of the albums from 2008 onwards. Both of them are currently out-of-print in all formats, but represses should be happening 2022.Usually when you hear new album being described as “long awaited”, it seems exaggerated. It seems clear nobody has been waiting or even speculating if something would be coming. Warloghe is different. For more than decade, there has been regular inquiries wether there would be new Warloghe anymore. This album has been certainly long awaited!1.11. marked the day for NH-111 WARLOGHE “Three Angled Void” CDRelease date meant what it means for NH: Physical album being available for purchase. There is no official stream or digital download release of this album. LP edition will happen sometime 2022. People who want to wait for vinyl, will have more than half year to wait. That can be guaranteed in current situation.In times when many Black Metal bands started to rely on clean production and digital studios, Warloghe is loyal to their vision. Raw analogue tape recording and song material continues from spirit of Womb Of Pestilence, going onwards. Aggression and melancholy mixed together in dark, fierce, suffocating Black Metal.

NH-112 BLOODHAMMER ”Henki Tähtien Takaa” mCD
new miniCD totalling 20+ mins duration of excellent Bloodhammer epic Black Metal close to previous album!

Bloodhammer is also one of the bands who have stayed with Northern Heritage since very early days of label. Formed in 1998 and first widely available release was 1999 ”Ancient Kings” 10” on Hostile Regression Records. Label that was soon to turn into Bestial Burst Records. Quickly after it in 1999 came ”Monastery of thousand blackened lusts” 7” (Northern Heritage (NH-005). Material has been reissued, and will be reissued again during 2022.Split album with Incriminated (2001) and the cult album ”Abbedissan Saatanalliset Houreet” (2003) came on Northern Heritage and after that Bloodhammer did many smaller and bigger releases on many Finnish Black Metal labels (Embers, Primitive Reaction, Bestial Burst, KVLT, Hammer of Hate, Breath of Pestilence), but eventually returned to Northern Heritage with ”Syksyn Pimeyteen” 7” (2012), 3-way LP/CD with Annihilatus & Musta Surma (2013) and great ”Kuusi Hymniä Syvyyksistä” (2017).New mini album ”Henki Tähtien Takaa” follows with sound and atmosphere of 2017 album. 3 metal songs and interludes create epic dark Black Metal feel. You can feel the Bathory esque influences among the faster material blend into perfect Bloodhammer style, that has zero nostalgia, zero trend following, zero retro spirit. Simply total Bloodhammer! Bloodhammer is one of those Northern Heritage bands who don’t play gigs, rarely appear in magazines. Never really advertize themselves online, but always exist since their formation. Band is already working on next full length and long time bending plan to make anthology of all 7”s, compilation songs etc should be happening during 2022.Henki Tähtien Takaa is c. 20 minutes mCD. Vinyl version will not come urgently, but at some point. There new maxi-jewelboxed nice priced mCD’s mark Northern Heritage intent to start publishing more material in such format. Expected few more mini-albums in supposedly least collectible format. Cheap to purchase, cheap to send around, no hype, no collectability. Only for Black Metal devotees.

NH-113 STABAT MATER ”Treason By Son Of Man” CD
2021 album of crushing Black-Doom, ripping, dark and cruel album pushed Stabat Mater leap forward
Also available limited run of album t-shirt

Stabat Mater was formed in 2001. Early recordings was made for personal needs to hear and create ”Doom Metal” in the most raw and cruel form. Barely resembling traditional Doom Metal. Material was originally not intended to be released, but was given to handful of people, one being label boss of Painiac. He liked material and eventually one song of the ”demo” ended up on split 10” with Worship in 2002. Another song came out later on Crushing The Holy Trinity compilation.2004 came out split 7” with Mournful Congregation.Compilation track and split LP with A.M. was released before finally actual debut album came out in 2009.Seeminly dormant project had cumulated perhaps couple albums worth of material & ideas during the years and finally Northern Heritage released the second full length album. Decade between the albums have meant some changes in sound and approach of Stabat Mater. Influences remain the same as always. UNHOLY (fin), demo and first album of CATHEDRAL (uk), first 12” of MY DYING BRIDE (uk), but also hints of Immolation, Celtic Frost etc. No matter what influences theoretically are, material emerges without intent to replicate them. Sometimes SM is described as what Clandestine Blaze would be, if it was far more slower and heavier – that is quite close to truth what Stabat Mater is. Both lyrically and musically.As before, most of material sounds more as slowed down and downtuned Black Metal than traditional doom. Dissonant, heavy, massive sound is slow, but not exclusively slow. Sound may be advance from early recordings, but is far from over produced. Highly distorted roaring guitars, bounding echoing drums, more diverse vocals than in early recordings. No beauty, nothing relaxing, nothing groovy. Stabat Mater new album offers tormenting malicious black doom.No digital download, vinyl perhaps sometime 2022. Now available digipak CD and limited amount of t-shirts.

NH-046 EXORDIUM ”Nihil Inri” mCD
Fast and fierce Finnish Black Metal! First time on CD, the 7” + live tape total duration c. 50 mins!

Exordium was among the early signings of Northern Heritage. In the 90’s, band only recorded tapes that were not in public circulation. Based on these early demo recordings, Exordium was signed on NH and official debut release was self titled 10″ vinyl recorded during late 2000 till early 2001.Exordium was part of line-up on often praised CRUSHING THE HOLY TRINITY 3xLP/3xCD compilation where also Mgla had their first wider circulating recordings.Followed was “Nihil Inri” 7″ (2005) and “Mass Of Bestial Blasphemy” tape (2007), and finally debut full length “In Wrath Principle” LP/CD came out 2008.Exordium played many shows in Finland at the time, until laying dormant (but not dead) until current days. Meanwhile members played in other Black Metal bands.It was decided that their Nihil Inri 7″ must be done as CD version as it was only recordings not existing on CD format. Newly remastered ep with full “Mass of Bestial Blasphemy” as bonus is c. 50 minutes of duration and sold as mCD. Exordium never sounded like many Finnish BM bands of the era. On the ep you can hear the influences from “Blood must be shed” and Emperor’s debut ep, but never copying the style of the bands. It is always cold, fast and razor sharp, relying on utmost stripped down core of Black Metal, with zero theatrical or trendy elements.

Vinyl release represses!

*MGLA “With Hearts Toward None” LP ***REPRESS!!!***

*MGLA “Exercises In Futility” LP **REPRESS!!**

Due situation with vinyl pressing being so slow, it is unlikely this would be repressed anytime soon after this one.

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