MGLA Age of Excuse LP postage deal

One version, black vinyl LP, available from your local distributor now or soon (who decided to stock it) and from Northern Heritage and No Solace.

If you are intenting to buy only single LP or / and some of new Mgla merch, it is recommended to order from No Solace!

From Northern Heritage, you can get regular order, but also what we have, is for next 7-10 days, deal of postage free international shipping for order of 100 euro or more. Wide variety of underground black metal and other good stuff can be found from the store. Normally international shipping is from 15 to 20 euros, so find 8 CD’s or 6 LP’s and you will have free shipping anywhere in the world, that includes tracking number. Free postage applies automatically when order is 100 euro or more.
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