Clandestine Blaze “Tranquility Of Death”, Necropole “Solarite”

OUT NOW 6.11.2018

NH-104 CLANDESTINE BLAZE ”Tranquility Of Death” LP/CD

Clandestine Blaze debut demo tape was published in 1998. 20 years later what we have here is no less than 10th full length LP/CD. Tranquility Of Death is at the same time leap forward, but always faithful for the vision of Clandestine Blaze. Fierce and ripping sound is sharp as a knife, song material varies from some of the most aggressive to most atmospheric of bands history. 

CD & LP out now & shipping instantly. Digital stream in few days.


NH-105 Nécropole “Solarité” CD

After self titled CD/LP that collected two praised demo tapes of Nécropole, Northern Heritage is proud to present their full length titled “Solarité”.  Strength of Nécropole has always been solid foundation. Good riffs, inspiring melodies, catchy composition and personal lyrics. That combined with recording style reflecting the noble spirit of the music. Band manages to escape the trendy subcategories of Black Metal. It guarantees album to be among memorable and noteworthy Black Metal releases of current times.

CD version out now.

LP version late 2018.

NH-092 Nécropole “s/t” CD

Repress of self titled cd out now! vinyl repress late 2018!


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