Northern Heritage new website

About 15 years ago, Northern Heritage moved from paperlists and e-mail texts to having internet site. Since then, we only had two different versions of it. First, the traditional simple html coded list. Then roughly 10 years ago simple database.

Despite never been fan of modern websites, one can’t deny usefulness of having all label information available in one place. Since time is always limited, it has been essential to make amount of extra work smaller to be able to focus on getting orders shipped instantly as well as have time for creative work.

For one year, there has been new webstore:

It makes placing orders fast, not depending whether there is currently time to respond emails or not.  We’re fully aware that store may look odd due amount of “cover added later” -type things. It was never intention for store to look good. Only to be simple and minimalistic.

This new website will be main source of information. Label still posts email news once in a while and also fb. Current content of website includes news of all new releases of 2016. There has been plenty of re-presses. Also some merch. When time allows, we try to update discography with more details of each release.

You can browse items of label at:

Since 1999, Northern Heritage as label has worked almost identical way. Adjustment of technical issues, yes, but our mission and intention remains the same.