New vinyl releases june 2023

NH-114 Apogeion “Astrolatria I: Initiatio.” LP
NH-116 Noenum “Heresiarch” LP
NH-117 Necropole ”Yoga” LP
NH-118 Clandestine Blaze ”Resacralize The Unknown” LP/CD
NH-119 Noenum ”Fiery Path” 10”

WARLOGHE – Logo T-shirt

APOGEION “Astrolatria I: Initiatio.” LP
Black Metal. new signing for NH! Finnish Black Metal of the Behenian Fixed Stars, first part of a trilogy.

NOENUM “Heresiarch” LP
Noenum is back with new full length studio album! Finnish Black Metal. 

Listen at:


Necropole is back with new full length studio album! French Black Metal. 

Clandestine Blaze “Resacralize The Unknown” LP/CD
12th full length album of Clandestine Blaze returns with sharper, tighter, faster and less echoing sound than “Secrets Of Laceration”. Always something new, but also some of the songs return into more straight forward style of older CB. LP and CD out now, no digital distribution.

NOENUM “Fiery Path” 10″

Intro, two tracks and outro of latest Noenum recordings! MCD version coming later on, first out on vinyl 10″ with gatefold covers.

Over the years, countless bootleg versions has appeared for sale. All shirts at auctions sites are unauthorized scam business. Warloghe shirt sold by Northern Heritage is the shirt authorized by band.

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