DIABOLI reissues

Northern Heritage is proud to present new editions of 3 Diaboli albums. Kirous and The Antichrist has been sold out for many years. Wiking Division is his most recent, but continues to have constant demand.

Diaboli is one of the Finnish Black Metal bands that is soon to reach 30 years of age. Founded as Sigillium Diaboli in 1991. Continued through decade as basically one man band.

After being released from prison in early years of 2000’s, Diaboli was signed to Northern Heritage. Unseen Age Of War ‎(CD, Album, Comp) in 2003 was the first one to come on label. It collected the early works and unreleased works of the 90’s.

However, the true jewel in discography as a listener and label boss, is not the classic 90’s work, but the aggressive and energetic album: Kirous. Even those who admire the cold and fierce sound of the early days Diaboli should not ignore the how this album presented Diaboli in form of improved riffs and aggression.

Despite Kirous remains my personal favorite till this day, follow up album The Antichrist is mandatory. Older press of Invocation album remains available, but Wiking Division presented again new developments that had happened in band during 5 years of gap between albums. Fury of the album re-vitalized the interest in band.

Diaboli is one of the greatest examples of lone wolf Black Metal in Finland. Almost 30 years (yes, band is not dead!) of seeking it’s own approach, creating his works outside any subgenre trends and without giving any attention for sounding or looking nice and neat. Only offering the unpretentious core of Black Metal!

Out Now:

DIABOLI “Kirous” digipak CD
DIABOLI “The Antichrist” digipak CD
DIABOLI “Wiking Division” digipak CD

3rd album “Anthems of Sorrow” sold out both LP and CD!

1st & 2nd albums are soon to be sold out!! Only handful of LP and CD remain! If you want them, grab them now:

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