WARLOGHE vinyl repress


Crucial landmarks of True Black Metal.

WARLOGHE “The First Possession” LP

WARLOGHE “Womb Of Pestilence” LP

Retail orders should be made via store. Shipping of any number of LP’s costs the same, so it’s good to see if there is anything one needs to add to take advantage of shipping rates. 15 euro europe, 20 euro worldwide. Includes trackingcode automatically forwarded to your email.

Wholesale inquiries, contact via email.
Trade suggestions will be looked into when time allows. Priority is to ship paid orders without any delays.

Also available from Warloghe:
-First Possession CD
-Womb Of Pestilence CD
-Dark Age’s Return CD/LP (collection of demo/7″ + unreleased)
-Lucifer Ascends mCD (cd version of 7″ with bonus tracks)

Warloghe interview featured in:
INNER WAR #1 zine (in English)

THE DEVILS CRADLE book (in English)

Next Warloghe live, Turku Saatanalle 3.3.2018.