MGLA “Exercises In Futility” LP repress

It has been Northern Heritage policy since beginning to aim releases for dedicated Black Metal audience.

Back in the day, one method was to limit release, as aim to stay away from “wrong hands”. While there are still some relevant arguments on this approach, for many years it has proven not to be ideal. To reach dedicated audience may be impossible, if release sells out in blink of an eye, and only those who live online 24/7 will be able to grab it.

Therefore, much more valid method to reach dedicated audience is to keep release available until those who wanted it, have it. This makes it possible for people to get the album, without staying online in constant watch.

Most of the Northern Heritage bands, were signed when they were completely unknown. Many of them have stayed on label since beginning. It has been result of mutual respect and agreement how to handle things. Many of the albums have been repressed due change of times and situation. It is necessary to evaluate method, if goal can’t be reached with old method.


Mgla belongs to very few non-Finnish bands on label, and Northern Heritage was very first label to publish their works. Originally excluding two 7″s, rest of bands discography has remained under banner of Northern Heritage. Only to be expanded as co-releases under their own No Solace. Few of the CD titles currently low in stock (or temp. sold out) will be back in stock soon.

Northern Heritage doesn’t aim it’s current releases to be “hard to find” or “expensive”. If repress seems to devalue someones collectibles, it is fine.

In flood of useless releases cluttering every discount bin, and being wanted by nobody, we hope to keep releases available that have enough demand to justify repress. We try to avoid all gimmicks with “collectibles”. Color vinyl versions, added stickers, added patches, etc. If you have album, you don’t need to buy another for sake of collecting.

For those who have yet to get this notable Black Metal album of recent times,

MGLA “Exercises In Futility” LP is restocked now.

Same as versions before. Black vinyl. Greyscale cover.